About Us

Who We Are


Mental Giant is a mental strength assessment & development platform which allows you to reach peak performance in whatever sport you play. All athletic ability starts and is delivered through the mind, and the team at Mental Giant helps individual athletes and coaches identify their mental strengths and specific areas for development. We provide a state-of-the-art athletic assessment platform and reporting solutions which allow you to measure and develop the most important part of your game – your mind!

What We Do


The Mental Giant Behavioral Sports Assessment tests athletes on the most important behavioral facets known to be inherent and expanded within top performing athletes. The assessment clearly defines mental strength and development areas for athletes and includes a ranking (per competency) as well as suggested mental strength development exercises.


Aligning with our state-of-the-art behavioral assessments, we provide surrounding consulting services to athletes and coaches in a wide range of sports. Consultations can be conducted individually, or coaches may receive consultation expertise for all team members.