See What Others Think About Mental Giant

“I was over-thinking my hits in critical match moments. The assessments from Mental Giant taught me a lot about myself and how to eliminate negative thoughts.”


~ Maggie Sale - Georgia Southern University (NCAA D1 Volleyball Player)

“The Mental Giant assessment program helped me recognize how to gain confidence in my game by taking more calculated risks in high pressure situations”.

~ Jordyn Levy - St. John's University - NCAA D1 Women’s Soccer Player

“College athletics tends to take a larger toll mentally than physically because of the demands and challenges student-athletes face in and out of their sport. The Mental Giant assessment and trainings have helped me to strengthen my mind to perform on and off the field and use my current strengths to my advantage.”


~ Shirzaad Ghadially - University of Wisconsin - NCAA D1 Men’s Soccer Player

“The Mental Giant assessment platform and player reports have helped me identify critical areas for team mental strength development. Our players are now committed to the mental strength exercises, and I am seeing significant performance improvements on the field”.


~ Brett Parker - Saint Leo University Men's Soccer Coach (NCAA D2)

“Learning more about my mental make-up through the Mental Giant assessment program has helped me gain more resilience in triathlon events. The mental strength development exercises are excellent.”


~ Marcus Filipek - Triathalon Athlete

“I was a 9-handicap golfer before using the Mental Giant assessment platform and after implementing some of the mental strength exercises, I’ve gained more confidence in my putting and cut my handicap in half”.


~ Steve Nocerini - Amateur Golfer

“I was having trouble getting my first serve percentage up. Now I have gained confidence levels as my thinking pattern is completely changed in pressure situations”


~ Kristin Holmen USTA 4.5 Tennis Player