Full Season Consulting

$4995 - includes five 1-hour mental strength consulting sessions with coaches plus 6-months of team performance reviews.

The Mental Giant team will develop a mental strength plan for your team based on individual athlete assessment results and broader team dynamics. You will be paired with a mental strength coach who understands tactical elements of your sport. Your coach will design a mental strength program which meets specific player and team dynamic needs. We will analyze all assessment results for your athletes and provide an in-depth review of team behaviors and identify specific areas for improvement. The full season team consulting program includes season long review of all team member assessment results and an on-going custom approach to team development exercises.  

Purchase instructions:

1. Select a date and time in the Calendly app (below) which fits your schedule.

2. Once your meeting time is set in the Calendly app, you will be redirected to the payments page to pay for your consulting session.

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